Are you trying to figure out which is the best ecommerce platform for your small business? Then this is definitely the article that you should read. One of the most used platform amongst small business owners is Shopify, and people love it so much that it has been called one of the best ecommerce platforms made for small business owners. Today we are going to be taking a look at some of the pros and cons of using this platform for your business in Singapore, so make sure to keep reading in order to find out more.

Shopify can be expensive

To start off, we are going to get the bad thing out of the way and in our opinion the worst thing about Shopify is the fact that it can be very expensive, which is far from ideal especially for owners of small businesses. Apart from paying for the plan that you are going to choose, you will also have to pay a transaction fee for every sale you make, you will have to purchase a template, and since you will most likely use the App store that means you will also have to pay for every app you add on to your ecommerce. Once you add all of this up, you will immediately be able to see that it will cost you a lot more than you anticipated, and a lot more than a lot of other platforms out there would cost you.

It is very convenient for your customers

When you are the owner of an online business you want to make sure that your customers have the easiest time possible when it comes to shopping on your ecommerce, and one of the reasons that Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms made for small business owners is that it will give you that convenience. Your customers will have as easy time with the front end as you will with the back end, and that is a recipe for a great start to your business.

You will get very detailed reports

Reports are one of those things that most people dread, but when you are a business owner those reports can be the difference between success and failure. Shopify will provide you a ton of very detailed reports that will give you an idea of everything that is going on in your business in Singapore and that will help you be on top of everything and know exactly what you need to fix.

As you can see, Shopify is definitely one of the best ecommerce platforms made for small business owners, despite the fact that you need to look out for a few small drawbacks here and there. We hope that this article was helpful and that it encouraged you to check Shopify out for your business in Singapore.

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